23 May, 2012

Sabriel Tests

Animation Test

This is a quick test of what my animation would look like. There isn't any scenes properly done, however, it gives an overal view of how I want the animation to look. I am quite pleased with the structure of it and believe that it will be able suitable for the target audience.


This is a run test from the back. I intially did the smallest size and then decided to scale it up to three times. This was to see how much you could see depending on how close or far the camera was. I think it's a good experiment and I was able to learn a lot from this.
This is the first test of the run that I did. Having it run in negative space is handy however, I think it would be better to look at what the animation would be like if it were in a background.

I wanted to do a running cycle test to see whether I could incorporate it into my animation. I put it with an old background I had created to get an idea of what it would be like. I am very pleased with the fluidity and results of the animation.
I had no idea how I was going to animate the hair. I decided to just go in and tackle it without really considering any reference. As you can see from this video it was pretty useless. The hair looks and moves very badly. I will redo this at a later stage when I am animating the running scene.


For this sequence of hair I based it from Pocahontas. I wanted to do something similar, whilst including the the right amount of fluidity in the hair. Sadly I believe that there isn't enough frames in this and therefore it looks slightly jittery.
 After doing the previous animation I looked at my own animation and decided to do a rendered version of this. Unfortunately I still believe that the hair is still slightly static. I've taken into consideration the direction of the wind and kept it consistant through-out.

Bag and Hand

I drew the bag and the water. I didn't really animate the water, however, by using a block of colour I got an understanding of how the bag would look when it was submerged and when it got resurfaced.
I wanted to add a bit of perspective to the drawing and therefore looked at a waterfall/cascade. I think this angle adds a bit more interest to the overall look. I looked at the water from a film and referenced how it moved.
After getting someone else to do the backgroudn for my animation, I decided to once again look at the hand. I wanted to see if this was okay and the hand would work by going up and down with the set background. Thankfully it worked well and the background added some dimention to it.


This is a rotation test I did. I am pleased with the overall look. I have considered the timing and the weight. I know there isn 't any hair in this example however, I was mainly focusing on the movement of the body and the timing.


This was my first attempt at drawing the body sumomning. I didn't really change much of it. Instead of drawing it I decided it would be best to simply copy and paste each layer on top of one another and therefore create a fast animation. I realize that this was lazy and can be seen on the final results. To improve this I should consider the body and the movement rather than simply copying and pasting the arms.
I have begun working on the lineart for the animation. This is just a test to see if it will work. Sadly I know there is an issue with the timing which will be rectified for the final animation. Overall I am pleased with the results.

This is a better development of the summoning. I feel that the fluidity in the body is a lot better. I think the summoning of the orb works well aswell :).

I am happier with the result of the animation with the hair. It looks and works a lot better now. Therefore that has made me improve my own animation.

Here I was attempting to incorporate a better use of the hand movement with the hair. I realise that the hair is still flying about and doesn't really look believeable.

 I used base colours heres to get an idea of the animation. I also fixed a few glitches in the hair. I'm still not happy with the hair however, I'm getting a better understanding for it.


I wanted to do an animation of rain. In the end I didn't use it. I read from a book that in order to create a useful sequence in rain you must rotate it from time to time. For example, you have four frames, it would be 1,2,3,4 then perhaps, 4,2,3,1, then 3,2,1,4 etc. By doing this I would ensure that the rain doesn't stay consistent and makes a more believable animation.

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