16 December, 2010

Scene One- Saving

Quick test animation of what it looks like. Hopefully they will be impressed.


14 December, 2010


Jump test- quick playblast

Taking inspiration from Yoshi from Mario, I wanted to add the leg wiggle. This is what it looks like.

Finalizing the wiggle movement. Pretty pleased with the outcome

This is just to test how the pig would drag the briefcase into the scene. Although jumping wouldn't work due to the weight of the object, having looked at the way dogs interact with items, I was able to portray a movement similar to what is depicted above.
This was to see how to make the money move. Obviously there was a lot of trial and error, and this happens to be one of them. I decided against putting it all on

This is a movie to show the first scene, in playblast- low quality render etc.

09 December, 2010


The NatWest advert shoes a pig run cycle. It's well done and includes everything- they have thought of timing and spacing, and added the bounce. What makes it more interesting is it doesn't appear to be moving from location when it's running.

The latest advert from Barclays is used to promote how hard it is to keep track of money. Although I imagine everyone has used it, it is a good representation that it can easily escape you. Quite like the coin ambient noises you hear from time to time, think it helps bring it all in and add to the realistic quality of it.

I really wanted to stylize and gives something extra to my character. In order to do this, I animated and looked at the reference and timing for how they did Yoshi.
I did a few tests which can be seen in a hope of achieving something similar.

This was the very first animation I saw and what made me decide that instead of having a pig with the normal walk cycle, I wanted to have it bounce. I really like the squash and stretch and the humor behind it. Overall it's simplistic yet depicts a story.

I wanted to make my pig move like a dog. The only video of decent quality that contained what I was aiming for was this. I am keen on how his hind legs work and the way he drags the object. Very useful for incorporating into my scene.
Used for the reference of money and how it moves.

Once again, just something quick to do with the money and the way it moves and falls. Good thing is it's piles similar to my animation which aids in pulling it together- making it more realistic.

07 December, 2010

Video Support

This is a quick video I did in order to find out how the character would move.

This is me getting up.

I used this as reference for my animatic as I sometimes add too much information to them.

I also wanted to back it up with some research that I have done, into how the industry goes about doing real animatics. I see they skip a lot and it works just fine so I hope to achieve a similar effect.