20 March, 2011


Final Animation


This is just a test to see how the character moves from side to side. I'm trying to make sure that the timing works well and it isn't off.

I have found that the first animation doesn't work so well. There seems to be a sudden jump when it goes from the back to the side. In this preview, I have incorporated the use of a middle shot, which should hopefully make the transition a little smoother.

I used the walk cycle which can be found in the Animators Survival Guide. Overall I think that it was very helpful as I came to understand how to animate the character. The book really does what it say on the front and it was thanks to this, that I was able to create my walk cycle.

I wanted to see in this test, if I would be able to get away with using a simple static background and working with the character. Although he only appears to be walking on the spot at the moment. I think that with some minor tweaks, I should be able to give the illusion of someone walking into the distance.

Although my character is female, I wanted to see what the movement would be look( referencing the looking over the shoulder). I know that I have included a quick sketch in the RVJ however, believe that capturing on film is always better.

In a lot of Japanese animation, you can see a character jump back and hold this stance as a self defense mechanism. Although sometimes it can be seen serious, I am hoping to add a little twist to make it somewhat humorous.

This is also part of the reference on how the walk looks from behind. I have also incorporated a walk back just incase I decide to include it in the animation.


This photo is one that I have decided to use in order to create the character outfit. I have collected the images from Next and will plan to base some of the outfits on it.

This is the animatic that I have created for the animation. I notice that it might go a little quick, however, hopefully you will be able to come to understand what I am trying to achieve. If you want the storyboard- it can be found in my sketchbook along with (paper research).

The only reason for using this- ignoring the audio, is because I needed the reference of someone eating a watermelon. Preferably a child, because this would help me depict what it would look like on my character. Also, the fact that a child tends to eat more messily(could be one of the benefits/behaviors) of my Character (Vlad).

This is a cartoon taken from Scooby Doo. The reason for using it and including it in my blog is because there is some Anticipation in the episode.

I have used the character design from Jack Skellington as my influence for the Vlad character design. The reason for using this character is, for the over exaggeration of the legs. Overall, I hope that this will help and I should be able to achieve the desired look for my character.

Influencing Animation

I love the design of this animation. I don't know whether it was created on flash or another software however- the simplicity of the character design is very appealing. One thing that I have noted is that the animation uses constant Anticipation, something which I also am planning to use on my animation. The colours are a little too vivid for me at the moment, and would probably tone it down a little. Perhaps the use of blues and purples would work well in the animation. I like the smoothness of it, and style of drawing. Effective yet simplistic.