23 November, 2009

First Animation

For this very first project I was set to work in a group. This consisted of Joe, Gareth, Chrissi, Greg and myself. It was a continuation of each others work- my animation followed Chrissi's which is why it has legs and a face. After my animation followed Gareth- the way it was set out was my last page would become his first page, from then on it would become a cycle.

This was the very first animation that I had done. Apart from the hair that keeps growing... (I think it was having some hair vitamins) it's not too bad. I really tried to focus on the bending action, as the character leans to pick the bomb up. I did plenty of sketches and asked for my friends to 'act' the motion out for me. I found this useful to get an idea of the motion of the body as I kept watching it repeated. When I began to do the animation I realized that it all just fit together and started to work.

Below you can find some sketches for the character design

Above you can see how much trouble i had to get the body to actually lean correctly. Some of the poses are very unreal and awkward. Thankfully when it came down to doing the Animation it all worked :).

Below is my final Animation (>v<)/''. Enjoy