23 May, 2012



I wanted to know how to base my characters animation/ interaction. I thought that by conducting a few experiments it would be usefull in order to understand the body and the way it moves a bit better.

In order to make sure that I have sufficient reference, I conducted each recording once or twice. This meant that I could pick and decide which would be better when using as reference for the animation.

I couldn't decide at first how I wanted my character to summon the orb. I thought of different ideas and got reference for it. I thought this example would be a bit cliche as it looks like she is creating something from her hands.


 This is a running test for a female from the side. I know that the way a woman/girl run is different from a male and therefore, I know that it would be more useful if I had a female running as my character is a girl.

This is a run from the side. You can see that the tempo and the weight from the body shifts. Also having taken the way the hair moves and the archs in the body to create a suitable balance.

Shooting the running scene from a different angle.  This is to make sure that it's consistant etc.

This is the run from the front angle and therefore will be interesting to use for the animation. I might use it in the final piece, however, if not, I will ensure to make sure a reference video out of it

I am also taking into consideration how the hair is moving because this is an angle that I will choose to do this for my final piece.

 This is run from the front. I thought it would  be useful. But in the end decided not to bother because it wouldn't be relevant for the overall design of the animation. 

This is a run with a slight twist on the camera. I was looking at a clip from naruto where they did this and thought it could be incorporated into my animation. I decided in the end not to bother with it.


In order to understand hair  I decided to shoot a couple of tests to see how it works. I've found out that it works simply by going up and down. Although, this was shot with a normal hairdryer... The conditions outside didn't change much of the overall flow.
I needed to ensure that the test that I had done was not the same. For this I had to do a couple of tests and concluded that it was indeed purely relying on the person.
This is a shot from the side of the hair and the back, as my character will be running in the animation, I thought it would good to see the hair being blown by wind from all angles.

Having conducted this hair test on someone else, I have concluded that hair is very much dependant on the person and type of hair they have. Some people have thicker and wavier hair, thus creating a completely different result.

This is the video  my friend made when he had longer hair. As my character rotates there is no movement in the hair. This video has allowed me to understand how hair moves and what can be done with it.


I wanted to look at how the hand moved and therefore did some experiments with a 'sack' of chocolate. I realize that sometimes the bag got stuck so reshot it.


When the hand is going back into the water, I wanted it do something. For this reason, I thought it would be useful to adda bit of realism with the fingers. I also noticed that it would be more interesting if something would be happening.

I wanted to add a bit of rotation to the hand when releasing the bag. I realise that the bag got stuck in my hand and therefore didn't become very useful. I decided reshooting this would be a better idea.

This shows the hand from a further perspective. It also shows how slow the fingers move when releasing the sack. This is what I had to take into consideration when animating the release of the sack.


The water coming from the fountains was a good part of reference, however, I dont believe that it would be vital or necessary for the animation as the water is coming from a different source.

 My animation is based in the underworld and therefore I needed to have a design that reflected this. For me creating a feeling of dampness and a cold atmosphere was one of the key points. I had water and therefore needed to understand how it would move and also, animate. 

 I was looking at fire because I thought it could be incorporated to the overall design and feeling of my animation. After developing and looking at my strategies I concluded that this was no longer useful or relevenat to the overall animation.

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