12 April, 2012

Baby Animatic

This animatic is too perverse and wrong. I dont feel comfortable in doing this kind of illustration. I have demonstrated how I would have done the story of Sabriel for an 'older' target audience.

Teaser Snippet Script


Who will guard the living when the dead arrise...?

Sabriel ran forward and an arm pushed out towards her, the neck of the sack clutched in its fingers. She reached out, missed, then tried again. The sack was secure in her grasp, as the current took the creature completely under. Sabriel looked after it, hearing the roar of the First Gate suddenly increase as it always did when someone passed its falls. She turned and started to slog back against the current to a point where she could easily return to life. The sack in her hand was heavy and there was a leaden feeling in her stomach. If the messenger was truly Abhorsen's, then he himself was unable to return to the real of the living.
And that meant he was either dead or trapped by something that should have passed beyond the final gate