24 May, 2012



For this project I hope to produce a teaser trailer animation that promotes the story Sabriel by Garth Nix.

What do I hope to achieve out of this animation?

I hope to change my usual style of illustration into something more Disney and successfully convey a snippet of the book into an animation. As a future character designer, I hope to look into the appeal of the character and thus enabling me to create a character that is enchanting.


I am hoping to achieve a magical/ mystical atmosphere within the animation. I think the use of blue hues will succeed in enabling me to do so. I also hope to achieve a style that changes from the usual Anime into something more classic such as Disney.


For this animation I have decided to animate it in Adobe Photoshop. I know that most people prefer to use flash when designing in 2D because it’s a vector based program, however, I feel that I can achieve a better design due to the brushes and wide variety available pre installed in the software.

For my animation itself I hope to achieve a short teaser trailer to promote the book. The book was published back in 1995 where it was highly acclaimed as one of the best fantasy novels at that time. I aim to achieve something that will stir up interest and once again remind people of just how good this trilogy is.


For me as usual, appeal is one of the most important things. If I can’t get the audience to ‘believe’ in the character then I believe I haven’t achieved my intended purpose. Furthermore, Timing, Weight, Squash and Stretch, Arcs and Anticipation have been considered.

Target audience:

My target audience is the younger audience/teenage children. Although the story itself is quite dark and published under the teenage fiction, I’ve attempted to soften it slightly into something that could be viewable for younger age groups 6-15.

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